Jamies Mulch & Top Soil Supply; (513) 942-0499 is a fraud and does not treat clients well.

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I recently purchased a few trees from a nursery vender in West Chester Ohio by the name of Jamies Mulch & Top Soil Supply and am very unhappy with his services .I paid a very nice sum of money for him to install trees in my yard .

Within a few months of installation my spruces seemed to be dying and i consulted Jamies Mulch & Top Soil Supply about my issues sadly to be ignored by him. I have constantly asked that he back up his one year guaranete which he has failed to do so. His explanation is the trees are alive and well or maybe i need to better care for the trees. This made me feel insulted because i have cared for these spruces daily and he thinks i am dumb and dont know how to tell a living tree apart from a dead one.

As for rigth now i am disgusted with this man who looks at me as i am an ***. Sooner or later this place will be known as a scammer when i tell all my friends not to shop there. Whenever i go to the store i am told ridiculis stuff. Also this place seems as though they have many illegal hispanic workers there.

As for the time being i am looking to oberson's landscaping for all my yard.

This guy seems to be very honest and caring towards the client's.

Review about: Spruce.


Long Prairie, Minnesota, United States #37145

DOes this place hire American?


Jamies is a much better place than *** OBERSON'S Nursery. Chad Oberson is a scammer.

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